Sleep Apnea Treatment

If someone is worried that they may have sleep apnea, they should immediately consult a doctor. If it is likely that someone has sleep apnea based on their assessment, we will have them take an at-home sleep test, which will monitor their breathing while they sleep. A sleep doctor will go over the results from the test in order to make a diagnosis.


Custom oral appliances can reposition your jaw and/or tongue just enough to prevent airway blockage. These devices are comfortable, quiet, and easy to travel with – which makes them much easier to use than the dreaded CPAP.

Sleep Apnea Testing

Before a patient can get any type of sleep apnea treatment, they must have a proper diagnosis from a certified sleep physician, which is obtained using something called a sleep test. This works by monitoring a person’s breathing, heartrate, and other vital signs while they sleep in order to reveal the symptoms of sleep apnea. In the past, a patient would have to spend a night in a sleep lab to complete one.

Sleep Apnea Consultation

Patients suffering from sleep apnea need help, and for most, they will be prescribed to use a CPAP machine every night. While effective, studies have shown that sleeping with a CPAP is so uncomfortable that about 50% of people will stop after the first year! Thankfully, for patients dealing with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), there is a viable alternative: oral appliance therapy.