Insurance & Payments

Does insurance cover Dental Sleep Appliances?

In most cases the cost for your dental sleep therapy is covered by your medical insurance (not dental insurance). This is because dental sleep therapy is considered a medical procedure even though only a specially trained dentist can provide this type of treatment. Our staff are trained and experienced to help you obtain your maximum medical benefits at minimum cost to you. Our Office Concierge will work closely with you to check benefits with your insurance and get any pre-authorizations that are needed. She will also assist in getting a prescription and letter of medical necessity from your primary care provider or sleep doctor.

What will my insurance pay for the device?

This will vary from plan to plan. The dental device is considered a DME, Durable Medical Equipment. In most cases, all costs will be applied your deductible and/or co-insurance just like a CPAP would b.

Are you “in-network” with my insurance?

Most medical carriers do not contract with dentists and therefore we are considered “out-of-network.” However, we can request a gap exception which means that your insurance company will agree to cover our services at the “in-network” level. We are usually successful with this request because there are no other providers in the area that can provide this service.

Do you accept Medicare?


Are there other payment options?

We provide a discounted rate for cash payments. We also accept CareCredit and other forms of credit cards. Our Office Concierge will be glad to discuss these and all other options with you. Please call her at  (336) 846-4310.

What is the code used to bill the treatment?

The DME code is E0486.

If you have additional questions, please call us. We are always happy to assist you.